About Me

Being a writer was Derrick's last occupational thought.


It all started because of the need to fulfill the passion that he felt for writing poetry. The tugging to satisfy his passion was what began the snowball rolling.


Derrick has been an IT professional for over 20 years and hesitated to do anything else. He has raised 7 children. 5 to adulthood leaving two at home still. Despite the yearn to write poetry he felt spending time raising his kids was more important.


While out on a photo-shoot for a project called metamorphosis the passion that he buried deep inside of him began to whelm up forcing him to write a piece called, “She Cried”. After writing that the rest was history and he began to write more each day.


While The Other Side of Love is his first book he has plans to release a second late 2019 and is currently working on ideas for a third.

Writing The Other Side of Love

The Other Side of Love is a little about my own life. The random details that you will discover are what I hope will cultivate your own emotions while striking chords that you had either forgotten about or quite possibly would fancy the encounter for yourself. The journey of writing The Other Side of Love has pulled me, out of myself. I was able to be Naked and vulnerable in a sense. I found that I had to untangle my heartfelt desires about life and more importantly - love.

About The Other Side of Love

The Other Side of Love is a collection of poetry that breathes through the tones of relationship. It voyages through the minefield of how I view love. Within the pages, there are the same aesthetic highs and staggering lows found in most relationships.



The Other Side of Love s a book of poetry written by myself. What I have done with this book was to create an environment for the listener. From the book and Audiobook, I've taken several poems and added music behind them to give the original intent of what I was thinking and feeling when writing the pieces. This is not your normal ebb & flow done musically. It is about relationships and we all know that relationships get messy so I touch on it with my work.