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The Other Side of Love is a collection of poetry that breathes through the tones of relationship. With each encounter, there is a beginning, an end and more importantly a middle. I find that often the beginning is too short, the middle is unforgettable, and the end seems to last for forever.

This book of poetry voyages through the minefield of how I view love itself. Within the pages, there are the same esthetic highs and staggering lows found in most relationships. The middle as we all know from the giddiness and emotion that carries us like a river flowing upstream needs no real conversation. Frequently we try to hold on to something long after the luster of love has been lost. That's where we tend to live and sink our teeth into either building it or walking away. One could say that the rollercoaster of emotion leaves us starstruck.

The Other Side of Love is a little about my own life though there’s plenty of fiction to added into garner intrigue. The random details that you will discover are what I hope will cultivate your own emotions while striking chords that you had either forgotten about or quite possibly would fancy the encounter for yourself. What I found in writing this book is that I, like most tend to hide my inner self. The journey of writing The Other Side of Love has pulled me, out of myself. I was able to be Naked and vulnerable in a sense. I found that I had to untangle my heartfelt desires about life and more importantly – love.

I did uncover the duality in my person in Walk with Me; a hard lesson that angrily spoke to me but is entirely about the world in general. I had to understand that I was mostly to blame for the box in which I have lived. In this box, it defined how I would love and when I would love.

From Cheating or Words to 375 to Chicago I had to reconcile with myself and my sexuality which left me with the following questions that I needed to answer: How much of me could I honestly expose and what should I continue to hide? How have I approached life and the naivety in how I lived? Am I really free? I was forced to examine who I was not just who I wanted to be, and I needed to determine who I'd become through this process.

The book is about growth as much as it is about opening oneself to becoming free. The Other Side of Love is an assembly of writings that will undoubtedly fascinate most, intrigue others and arouse the rest.



The Other Side of Love s a book of poetry written by myself. What I have done with this book was to create an environment for the listener. From the book and Audiobook, I've taken several poems and added music behind them to give the original intent of what I was thinking and feeling when writing the pieces. This is not your normal ebb & flow done musically. It is about relationships and we all know that relationships get messy so I touch on it with my work.