Change Is Coming (Continued)

Shhh, can you hear the whispers of a song chaunted by a soul so misplaced that they were like stories of the damned because its cry could be heard only through the rumors of myths passed down through generations? It speaks of a freedom that enchants my soul imparting fuel to a body sunburned and worn.

Tell me if you feel the hot pavement as it scorches beneath me, like adhesive from rubber soles pounding atop.

Temperatures blister yet we layout in silence, face down on this flat ironed surface, outstretched from eternity to eternity. 5 seconds and we hold it, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute passes yet we lay as we honor the lives taken that could number the stars in the sky.

A tribute to the sacrifice that gave confidence to a nation in turmoil. Can you hear it? Her voice is like tears of freedom melting through bars like hot butter through your hands. This people, beautiful like the sun’s hues laid out as one whose sacrifice gave food to a flicker that would feed a spark to inflame a people who would burn like a firestorm.

The panic of her song is heard and laughs out loud like a war cry in the face of inequities and the stagnant attitudes of a handful. My heart aches for this: those strangled by defeat, shipwrecked in a sea of brutality, whose worth seems absent but who stand with conviction alongside a nation with tunnel vision for change.

Freedom, we will unlock those doors and throw off your restraints, you will be enslaved no more. I know that you’re hurting, I know that you are alone, I know that you feel helpless and sometimes empty and diminished for all of those who have called your name as you’ve listened hoping on hope to find your escape. We ready your chariot because change, change is coming and it is pursuing you…

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