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The thumping of our heart’s as we breathe in one another’s oxygen creates something incredible! I love the taste of the air as your embrace grips tighter, squeezing me, ah, sweat floats by forming storm clouds while we rain life onto the earth below.

Oh, the ways I want you! These overwhelming urges as you glow; your lips are smooth; I taste them like French Vanilla Ice Cream or like buttercream icing. Your curves feel like streaks of poetry I need to comprehend but above these clouds with our whispers your nipples – so hard like candy they take me to a place I’ve never been, to things I’ve never dreamed, to visions I’ve never seen, damn, sweet sweat pours as this fragrant foreplay strangles indecision I’m moving into you like we’re drunk driving, swimming through Absolute – Vodka. Like suction cups you’ve surrounded me causing this sway, baby I want to stay, to confess science’s mysteries, to kneel as we pray as we create these babies like histories because everything in me is pouring into – everything-that-is-you! Damn, this dynasty!

As our worlds collide, we confiscate these moments and you still inspire me, and dammit, you’ve become my muse when what I need is a teacher. TEACH ME the things that make you scream, the things that make you soft, thick, drip, wet, deep in-between. TEACHER – teach me, for I am ready to learn…

High up in these clouds – teach me…

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