Ripples In the Water

There are these ripples that I can see like I'm in a boat on a lake but I can't see the shore and the ripples in the water grow but not enough for me to see what's making them – I don’t know where you are and sadly my paddles aren't with me so I ask myself how did I get here, more importantly, how did you get here. Emotionally I tell you, “Stop, that's close enough!” while I'm outside of myself looking in watching me fall as fast as a race car spinning out of control.

Vulnerability is pure bullshit is what I think!

I don't want to drown if I get out of this boat and swim to shore all because there's a beautiful you inside of you that I'm dying to meet. I don’t want to step outside only to realize that I’ve forgotten how to swim or that the ripples of doubt are too large for me to wade through. If I am to hear the words, "stop there, that's close enough" from you at least let me stay in the safety of this boat where my imaginings won’t collide with my reality causing me to sink deeper into you; I'm already deep enough. If I am forever afloat in vulnerabilities at least I won’t be fighting for my breath as much as I’m fighting for you because I don’t plan to stop.

Someday when I'm ready, I’ll find you, or someday when you're ready you'll find me, or maybe we'll find one another in the ripples in the water just below the surface where love is...

Damn! I want you...

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