The Starting Point

Book cover for The Other Side of Love written by Derrick A. Walker
Book cover for The Other Side of Love written by Derrick A. Walker

I have always loved to write which may be because I've always had something to say though I never believed in the premise of my writing in any real capacity. One day this all changed for me. My passion began to shift into the storytelling of real events, real feelings, real occurrences, and real drama. My next question was what do I write about and would people like it. The second part of the question began to filter itself out as I realized that I had to like it. It didn't matter what other people thought as long I was a fan of my work.

One down and one left to go. What would I write about? "What lives and breathes in an effortless rotation of emotion," relationships. Viola, that's it I thought. I'll write about relationships. The ups and downs, the ins and outs, the ugliness without hesitation had to be real. There I go with an idea to write about passion. Something that I hoped would open the doors for conversation is what this all hinged on.

We so often talk about the ridiculous highs of love as if it will remain that way. In the beginning, we feel as high as our imaginations will allow us to sore and we never think about what happens when this high goes away. You know when the glitter turns to dust. It's a crash landing that no matter how well you've fixed your heart you will feel the depths of loneliness and possibly depression.

Love, a senseless emotion that is so powerful it can change the hearts of people. Heartbreak, so powerful that it can take us lower than anything else in life. Hope, the friend, and the enemy of all love and all heartbreak. We are not safe with hope lest we learn how to use it. There's a training course in there somewhere so we may have to come back to it.

Anyway, here I am talking about love, or better said, the other side of love because it has several sides so let's begin to delve into it and find out what it's like.

Each week I hope to discuss my travels through love and hope that you will chime in as we build a dialog to see what makes us all tick and how we can become better together.

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