What If (Original)

I’ve never been quite this vulnerable with a woman but frankly, I’m feeling like honesty is the key to unlock your door. My hesitations are the confidence shaking “what-ifs” because I’ve been wrong before! To tell you the truth I’m scared, frightened that you’ll want the “me” who's the life of the party instead of the “me” whose trying to know the deeper you. I want to be honest but I’m vexed, wedged between “what if” you do and “what if” you don’t. I’m damaged goods behind it crushed between two buildings in a tornado.

I don’t want to lay on this line dreaming through lifetimes of you and me so what should I say and who should I be? So “what if” I want to hold your hand listening to songbirds sing us to sleep? What if I want to carry you like my mother carried me?

Should I tell all or hang back cool as morning dew expressing only the things that seem mysterious? Hell, I’m perplexed, as if hell could be perplexing, I’m not sure which option I choose when all I want is to be close to you. To be close to you – get it all I want is to be close to you!

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