When Depression Attacks (Tribute)

Those voices; they said you were nothing so you’ve spent your life planning to catch up to the person you've always believed was inside but was constantly ignored. “Why won’t anyone ever grasp me?”, you asked over and over. “Why won’t I grasp myself”, you quietly mumbled. “Why have I been invisible for so long tugging at tattered threads like umbilical cords dying to release myself from clouds as small as a man's hand so I could become free?”, I’ve heard you cry out in your sleep.

You never saw that I loved explicitly who you are! Why are you still trapped, forced to live in these walls, breathing the oxygen of the damned through straws the size of twigs when you’ve always been my dream? Why won’t you see what I see? The beauty in your scars is the antidote, not kryptonite used to contain you. Your life is significant not for what you’ve done but because of who you are. Your transgresses, you’ve paid that nominal fee, stop holding back like you’re running from who you are! It’s your time to live like the person I see!

Live! Step out of the shadows you’ve been sketched into and walk free. “Please go live”, I said as I turned away from the mirror, noticing the person I was staring at, was the inner me.

This was inspired by the many works I’ve seen on the topic of DEPRESSION of late. Each post touched me a little differently so here’s to you and to your beautiful. It is my belief that if we all stand together no one can knock us down. Poetry is life so let’s heal the world through our words and bring awareness with our actions. Show the world your beautiful!

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